Matt Atkinson - Animator & Game Developer

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2013 - 2014 - 1st Year University

The Beer Run - Animation
The project guidelines were that we had to animate characters to a 30 second sound clip in a team of two. The sound track is from American Dad.

I modelled the environment, including the bottles, but I used a 3DS Max plugin (Rayfire) for the physics and smashing effect. The character meshes were given to us but it was up to us to unwrap and texture them.

Big Guy (Stan) - Textured and Animated by me

Green Alien (Steve) - Animated by Adam Davies

Wheelchair Level - Game Design
This was for Game Design. I had to design a level in a game where the main character was in a wheelchair. We had to create a trailer or game preview. The video shows the multiple ways to play the game, stealthily or recklessly; each one giving a different reward.

Hand Animated Walk Cycles - Animation
This was the first ICA for the Animation pathway. I had to come up with four different walks and then perform them in front of a camera. Using the footage I had to animate a biped.