Matt Atkinson - Animator & Game Developer

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Hazard Dash

After graduating from university I created an endless runner game I called Hazard Dash. Platforms are randomly generated and there are two stages, sideways view and front view. The sideways view involves jumping over and ducking under lasers, and the front view, inspired by the boulder levels in Crash Bandicoot, the player must jump over obstacles and not be caught up by the lasers behind him.

I modelled, textured and animated the Crash Test Dummy character. I also modelled and textured the platforms.

I originally planned to release this on the Google Play store but development halted since involving myself in Sekrit Games, and I’ve no further plans to continue working on the title.


I started working on Tyred in September 2016 with Tom Smith. We’ve been sharing the jobs and I’ve been focusing mainly on blueprint programming for the game mechanics as well as a bit of design on the user interface, and a small amount of 3D modelling.

View the Official TYRED web page here

Steam Greenlight link here

TYRED Mobile

Three months into the development of TYRED I started working on the mobile version. I added a game mode Endless Roller, where I used my knowledge from Hazard Dash to implement the randomly generated platforms. The game modes returning from TYRED are Pole Hog and Tyre Pong, adjusted to work with one player.

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