Matt Atkinson - Animator & Game Developer

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2014 - 2015 - 2nd Year University

Showreel - Journeyman Project
Journeyman was a group project the entire year group participated in. I was on the Player Character Animation team. The characters were animated with mocap and it was my job to clean up the data, retarget it and fix and add to the animations.

This is Middlesbrough (GTA Middlesbrough) - Animation
This was for the Motion Capture module where we learned the mocap pipeline in preparation for journeyman.

I made this video as a parody to Grand Theft Auto, set in a street in Middlesbrough.

Adam Davies was my motion capture actor.

Heavy Box - Journeyman Project
When Applying for the roles in Journeyman we had to submit an animation of someone struggling with a heavy box.

Lionardo - Non-Bipedal Animation
I was given the task to rig and animate a non-bipedal creature and put the animations into Unreal Developer Kit.

The Five Animations we had to do were:
Strafe (Left and right)