Matt Atkinson - Animator & Game Developer

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2015 - 2016 - 3rd Year University

Clones on Campus - Final Year Project/Games Practical Project

Me - Rigged and Skinned Ted* and Keith** Modelled Environment, Directed/Cleaned/Retargeted Motion Capture, Hand Animation, Developed Game in UE4.
Tom Smith - Modelled and Textured Ted*, Mocap actor
James Petrusow - Modelled and Textured Keith**, Mocap actor

*Daryl Dixon inspired character **Mad Max inspired character

Watt on Earth - Advanced Game Development

Me - Rigged/Skinned/Animated Watt*, Lighting, Video Editing
Tom Smith - Art, Modelled and Textured Watt*, Watt on Earth Cogs logo
James Petrusow - Art, Modelled and Textured floors and walls
Ellie Eadie - Art, Modelled and Textured Bitt**
Nick Closel - Art
Adam Davies - Rigged/Skinned/Animated Bitt**, Blast Door Animation
Jordan Cane - Sounds

*Big Robot Character **Small Light Bulb Character